At L.A.M Solicitors we can assist with all aspects of landlord and tenant disputes, both in a residential and commercial context. As a landlord you may be looking to regain possession of a property for breach of the tenancy, or looking to recover substantial rent or service charge arrears.

As a tenant, you may have complaints about the condition of the property, where the landlord has failed to carry out the necessary repairs, or you may be looking to renew your tenancy for a further fixed term.

How we can help you

The law governing landlord and tenant disputes can be complex, not least in relation to commercial leases. At L.A.M Solicitors we can guide you through the legalities, providing you with clear advice as to what steps can be taken to help resolve your dispute.

We can also help you to negotiate suitable terms, wherever possible, to meet your ongoing residential or business needs.

Our landlord and tenant dispute services include:

  • Residential possession and rent arrears
  • Claims for disrepair
  • Forfeiture of commercial leases
  • Break clauses and lease renewals

For expert professional help on all aspects of landlord and tenant issues, please call L.A.M Solicitors on 01621 856683 or email us at

Residential possession and rent arrears

There are many reasons why a landlord may want to take back possession of a property, from breach of the tenancy such as failure to pay the rent, to wanting to sell up or use the premises for their own purposes.

However, the rules relating to possession of residential properties will depend upon the nature of the tenancy and the reason for seeking possession. Although there are various ways to evict a tenant, it is always best to seek expert legal advice to ensure that any eviction is carried out lawfully.

At L.A.M Solicitors we can discuss the various ways in which a landlord can regain possession of a property, including but not limited to rent arrears.

Equally, for tenants facing the daunting prospect of eviction, we can consider any defence that may be raised to prevent you from losing your home, or enter into negotiations on your behalf to pay off any arrears.

Claims for disrepair

Typically, in the context of residential tenancies, a landlord will be responsible for carrying out any necessary repairs to the property, where any failure to keep the property in good repair can lead to a claim for damages.

Under a commercial lease, however, it is not uncommon for a business tenant to be responsible for keeping leased premises in good repair and decoration. Further, under a fully repairing lease, the tenant will also be responsible for any structural repairs.

At L.A.M Solicitors we can review the terms of your residential tenancy or commercial lease to see where any repairing obligations lie. We can also bring or defend any claim for disrepair on your behalf.

Forfeiture of commercial leases

A commercial landlord has the right to forfeit a lease where a tenant is in breach of a covenant, for example, where the tenant has failed to pay rent or there is some other significant breach.

The law relating to forfeiture and commercial leases can be complex, and strict procedures must be followed to enable a landlord to lawfully terminate the lease.

At L.A.M Solicitors we can advise both commercial landlords and tenants in dealing with lease forfeiture, and what alternative options can be considered, such as surrender of the lease or repayment of any arrears.

Break clauses and lease renewals

A commercial lease can often include a provision known as a ‘break clause’, giving both the tenant and landlord the option to end the lease early by giving notice.

Further, any contractual right to terminate a lease prior to expiry of the fixed term may also include a right to sublet or assign the lease to a third party.

For those business tenants looking to renew a lease that is due to come to an end, save except where the parties have contracted out of the provisions of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, the tenant has a statutory right to request a new tenancy.

At L.A.M Solicitors we can advise both landlords and tenants on any right to terminate a tenancy under a break clause or otherwise, as well as the extent of any security of tenure provided for under the terms of the commercial lease. 

For expert professional help on all aspects of landlord and tenant issues, please call L.A.M Solicitors on 01621 856683 or email us at

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