At L.A.M Solicitors, we are able to advise both individuals and businesses on all aspects of bringing or defending professional negligence claims against a variety of professionals, including accountants, architects, surveyors, valuers, financial advisors and even solicitors.

Every professional owes a duty of care to their client whereby, as a matter of law, s/he is required to perform their role with reasonable skill and care. As such, when a professional fails to meet the standards that are reasonably expected of them, or is perceived to have failed to meet such standards by their client, a professional negligence dispute can arise.

These types of dispute will typically be litigated where professional advice has been relied upon and, in turn, this has resulted in a financial detriment to the client. This could be, for example, where a property has been significantly overvalued prior to purchase, or where a limitation deadline has been missed when issuing court proceedings.

How we can help you

Here at L.A.M Solicitors we can advise you on the application of the legal principles underpinning every professional negligence claim based on the facts of your particular case.

We can also guide you through the process of litigating a professional negligence dispute, no matter what the complaint may be, and whether you are a client who has suffered financial loss as a result of the wrongdoing of a professional, or the advice that you have given as a professional has fallen under scrutiny.

Our professional negligence services include:

  • Bringing a professional negligence claim
  • Defending a professional negligence claim

For expert help on all aspects of professional negligence disputes, please call L.A.M Solicitors on 01621 856683 or email us at

Bringing a professional negligence claim

If you have been given substandard advice by an accountant, architect, surveyor, valuer, financial advisor, solicitor or other professional, or the service you have received fell below the standard reasonably expected, you may have the basis of a claim for professional negligence.

That said, one of the most important hurdles for a prospective claimant is to prove that s/he has suffered loss as a result of the negligence. Even where it can be shown that a professional has done something wrong, if the negligence did not cause the loss, then your claim will fail.

Professional negligence claims can be complex and a large body of case law has developed in relation to the issue of causation. Other factors may also need to be considered, for example, whether there has been any intervening act by the claimant or by a third party which breaks the chain of causation.

At L.A.M Solicitors we can give you clear advice as to the merits of your claim and, where professional negligence can be proven, help you to put you back in the position you would have been in had the professional not breached their duty of care owed to you.

Defending a professional negligence claim

It is not uncommon for allegations of negligence to be made against you as a professional, even where you have performed a service to the best of your abilities, and often as a result of circumstances that are entirely beyond your control.

Irrespective of whether you have provided a service with the requisite skill and care, and you have done nothing wrong, you may still face the daunting prospect of defending a speculative claim made against you.

If, on the other hand, you are a professional who has given a client advice that has indeed proven to be wrong, this does not necessarily mean that you have acted negligently.

The prospective claimant will still need to demonstrate that your service fell below the standards of a reasonably competent professional, having regard to the standards normally expected in the context of your particular profession.

If there is a difference of opinion within the profession as to the correct practice, you will be able to demonstrate that you have not breached the duty of care if you can show that you acted in a way that was regarded as proper by a reasonable body of professional opinion.

At L.A.M Solicitors we can provide advice and representation in relation to a wide range of complaints made against professionals. Even where there is some argument to say that you have acted negligently, and as a result of that negligence your client may have suffered a loss, we can still help to minimise any claim on your behalf.

The mere fact that negligence can, in some instances, be proven, does not mean the claimant will recover substantial damages against a prospective defendant, not least where it can be shown that any professional negligence was not the material cause of their loss, or there has been a substantial failure on the part of the claimant to mitigate that loss.

For expert help on all aspects of professional negligence disputes, please call L.A.M Solicitors on 01621 856683 or email us at

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