At L.A.M Solicitors we are able to advise both individuals and businesses on bringing or defending all types of contractual disputes, from alleged breach of contract to the early termination of a commercial agreement.

Contractual disputes can arise in various different scenarios and occur all too frequently. They can include warranty claims, the sale and supply of goods and services, problems relating to agency and distributorship, general disputes relating to terms of business, and related issues such as misrepresentation and penalty clauses.

A contract need not be in writing, so even where an agreement has been verbally reached, and subsequently breached, there is still a potentially enforceable contract based on reciprocal rights and obligations on both sides.

Needless to say, in the absence of a written contract, disputes can often arise as to what has been agreed, and whether or not a party has failed to perform their part of the contract.

Complex legal arguments can also arise in relation to the precise meaning of provisions contained within written contractual agreements, and how these should be interpreted.

Here at L.A.M Solicitors, no matter how small or large the contractual disagreement, no matter how complex, we can help you to resolve your dispute on the best possible terms.

For individuals, we will look to minimise the overall cost and stress involved, whilst for businesses, we will not only look to protect your short-term financial interests, but also be mindful of maintaining any future business relationships.

How we can help you

At L.A.M Solicitors, whether you are an aggrieved consumer unhappy with the quality of goods or level of service provided, or a business in disagreement with another business, we can advise you on all aspects of your contractual dispute.

We can guide you through the process of litigating a contractual dispute, or look to alternative ways of resolving the matter on mutually agreeable terms.

Our contractual dispute services include:

  • Bringing or defending a claim for breach of contract
  • Contractual interpretation
  • Termination of contracts
  • Small claims contractual disputes

For expert help on all aspects of contractual disputes, please call L.A.M Solicitors on 01621 856683 or email us at

Bringing or defending a claim for breach of contract

A breach of contract occurs when a contracting party fails to fulfil an obligation as set out in that agreement. These types of disagreements can arise in all sorts of ways, for example, where someone fails to pay for goods or services, or those goods and services are not provided to an acceptable standard.

At first blush, this may seem fairly straightforward, but much will depend upon the nature of the contract. With unwritten contracts it can be difficult to prove the extent of what was agreed, although basic terms can be implied into certain contracts by law, for example, under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 services must be performed with reasonable care and skill.

Even where a written contract exists, you must still prove that this agreement has been broken in some way, and that loss was suffered as a direct consequence of that breach.

At L.A.M Solicitors we can help you to bring or defend a claim for breach of contract, advising on available remedies, exploring alternative options and the most cost-effective way forward.

Contractual interpretation

Contractual interpretation disputes can often arise by virtue of the fact that there is an ongoing contractual relationship between the parties, typically in business-to-business contracts.

In such instances, it is often in the interests of all concerned for the parties to address the matter in a reasonable and commercially sensible manner.

Indeed, the approach taken by the courts is such that commercial common sense will usually influence interpretation, and while it cannot be invoked after the fact, in circumstances where there are two or more tenable interpretations, the most commercially sensible option will be preferred.

At L.A.M Solicitors we can review the terms of any contract, in particular as to whether a term is likely to be enforceable, and provide advice as to the best way forward. It is rare for any contractual dispute to be clear-cut, so the parties should always consider what scope there is for settlement.

Termination of contracts

One of the most common contractual disputes is between businesses, whereby one party wishes to terminate an agreement early. By way of example, a business may be looking to relocate or sell up, and therefore will want to be released from their contractual obligations under a commercial lease prior to the expiry of a fixed term.

At L.A.M Solicitors we can consider the terms of your lease, including the scope of any break clause that will grant a commercial tenant the right to cancel a lease at certain points during the contract.

We can also advise on any right to assign or sublet the lease to another party, or, in the absence of any such contractual provisions, enter into negotiations on behalf of a tenant or landlord in relation to early termination.

Small claims contractual disputes

The financial limit for various types of claim on the small claims track is currently £10,000. The small claims track is a process used in the county court, specifically designed to assist litigants in person to deal with a case without legal representation.

That said, the process can be stressful, often involving complex legal principles and argument, with relatively large sums of money still at stake.

At L.A.M Solicitors we can advise you on the merits of your claim or defence, and assist you in the preparation of any paperwork and evidence in support. In this way we can help you to prepare for any final hearing, maximising your prospects of successfully bringing or defending a small claim.

For expert help on all aspects of contractual disputes, please call L.A.M Solicitors on 01621 856683 or email us at

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